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Who: Draco, Ginny When: Afternoon Where: Café Draco sat… 
9th-Apr-2006 01:26 pm
Who: Draco, Ginny
When: Afternoon
Where: Café

Draco sat outside the small cafe where he had met Charlie and had his coffee stolen by Ginny waiting for her to show up. It was a relatively warm day, so he had opted to sit outside, although he had stuck with hot coffee instead of cold.

Once Ginny spotted Draco sitting outside the cafe, she practically flounced toward him and threw herself in a chair. She'd ordered a blended something or other at the coffee bar before looking for him and glanced almost disdainfully at Draco's cup of hot coffee.

"It's marvelously warm out here, and you're drinking something hot? What's wrong with you?" She asked, as a way of greeting.

Draco took a careful sip of the hot drink. "In Russia, they drink hot things in the summer and cold things in the winter so that their body adjusts to the change in temperature."

"But... we're not in Russia, so you just look silly," Ginny replied, sipping pointedly on her drink. "So, how is the illustrious Draco Malfoy this fine afternoon?"

"Warm," Draco said, shrugging. "I suppose you were as well before you removed half of your clothes?" he added, raising an eyebrow at Ginny's scant clothing.

She glanced down at the skirt and singlet top she was wearing, and then back up at Draco. "Oh, this is nothing. You should see what I wear when I clean my flat," Ginny winked. "And I'm doing fabulously, by the way. Thank you ever so much for asking."

"You know how much I care," Draco drawled, smirking. "Another one of those blended things? Honestly, it's not that warm."

"They're good! It has nothing to do with how warm or cold it is outside," Ginny insisted. "If I could, I'd just get a cup filled with the whipped cream and caramel. Anyway, new topic please. What's new with you? Still on a strike against the lifts?"

Draco nodded. "No more lifts for as long as possible." He smirked. "You want a new topic? What about that delightful Irishman of yours? Tell me, did you always go for men with blond hair?"

"No I don't always go for men with blond hair," Ginny protested, crossing her arms in front of her. She frowned for a second, feeling suddenly defensive. She shook her head, as if trying to clear it. "Besides, he's not mine."

"Of course he is," Draco said, waving a hand dismissively. "I'm sure you've got your claws into him nice and tight. Or are you into sharing?"

Ginny narrowed her eyes, sending a glare Draco's way. "No I am not into sharing my boyfr..." she paused in the middle of her word, suddenly realizing what she was about to say. "I mean, my friends," she finished her sentence lamely.

Draco snickered. "Sure that's what you meant. Well, I suppose if he's your friend you won't mind if I take an interest in him? Although somehow I doubt he'll be swayed from the wiles of the Weasley freckles."

"Don't you dare even try it, I'll hex you from here to Australia," she threatened. "Just... you... bugger. Why don't you just go drool over Charlie some more?" Ginny pouted, hating that she couldn't argue her way out of anything concerning Seamus.

"I wasn't drooling," Draco snapped. "And don't worry about your boyfriend's innocence, Ginevra; I don't like blonds."

"He's not my boyfriend," Ginny said, frowning again. "Just keep your hands, eyes, and everything else off him." She sat back, somewhat placated, although the boyfriend word was really starting to irritate her. "And you were drooling, I saw it. Really though, it's alright... Charlie fancies blokes, so maybe you'll actually have a chance!" She couldn't resist teasing him, it was too easy sometimes.

"Hey! I have a chance with anyone I want!" Draco protested. "I'm gorgeous. I'm sure your boyfriend has noticed."

"Gorgeous, maybe. Annoying and conceited, definitely," Ginny replied, ignoring the boyfriend comment. "I'd like to see you try and land Charlie, I'm sure it'd be entertaining... not sure if you could handle him though, you know how those dragon keeper types can be."

"I don't, but I'm sure it would be fun to find out," Draco said, smiling covertly into his coffee. "Mm... Your brother is quite attractive you know."

"Gah, there you go with the drooling again." Ginny shuddered dramatically and threw a few napkins at Draco. "What about your torrid love affair with Harry? Or how about Viktor Krum? I hear he's starting at Snidget as well!"

"My what with Potter?" Draco exclaimed, dropping his coffee. "Shit!" Leaping out of his chair, Draco grabbed the napkins Ginny had thrown at him and began mopping up the coffee on his right thigh. "Look what you made me do with your insane ramblings. These trousers were new, too."

"Torrid... love... affair," Ginny stammered out between peals of laughter. She leaned forward, clutching one arm around her stomach and covering her mouth with the other hand, trying to staunch her giggles. It took her a minute or two to calm down and she straightened up with a giant grin on her face. "You can just use a cleaning charm on your trousers you know; it's not a big deal."

Draco dropped the napkins. "Magic. Right. I know. I'm a Pureblood; I'm a Malfoy; I'm not having a... a..." Draco's voice dropped to a whisper. "A torrid love affair with Potter."

"Well, not yet at least," Ginny smirked. "You've got to stop denying it first. Actually, I don't know what you're waiting for, he's a bloody brilliant kisser... you should really just admit I'm right."

"I really didn't need the picture of you two in my head, thanks," Draco said, spelling his trousers clean. "Really, really."

"Aw, jealous? Don't worry darling, it was ages ago. He's all yours," Ginny said sweetly, finishing what was left of her drink.

"I don't want him!" Draco exclaimed. "I - I want coffee! Since you made me spill mine all over my lap."

"I didn't make you spill anything! Not my fault you get all jumpy whenever I mention Harry," she shrugged. "What sort of drink do you want? I'll get you another," she offered, holding back another smirk. She stood from her chair and rested one hand on a hip, waiting for an answer

"Americano, lots of cream, no sugar," Draco huffed, sitting back in his chair. "I'm not jumpy."

"You're jumpy," Ginny insisted before strolling into the cafe, not giving him a chance to reply. The line inside was tiny and she returned a few minutes later, balancing Draco's coffee, a bottle of water and an enormous slice of cheesecake. "A little help please?"

Draco took the coffee. "What happened to having to workout after dessert? Or does it not count if it is eaten in the middle of the day?"

Ginny shrugged. "I'm hungry... and the cheesecake was calling my name, taunting me, really. I got two forks," she said and handed one of them over to Draco. "You're going to share with me."

"What about my figure?" Draco drawled, picking up the fork.

"I'm sure you'll survive," Ginny answered sarcastically. She promptly devoured a huge forkful of cheesecake and hummed in apparently rapture. "This is fantastic," she exclaimed after she'd finished swallowing. "Even my mum can't make it this well."

Draco immediately plunged his own fork into the cake and took a bite. "This is good."

"So," Ginny said after another bite, "I'm getting a tattoo soon." She figured an abrupt subject change wouldn't bother Draco too much, and she was actually a little curious to hear his opinion on tattoos. Maybe he'd surprise her and say something enlightening. Although, she doubted it.

Draco glanced up from the cake. "A tattoo? Of what?"

"I dunno really. I've been thinking about a Japanese kanji, but I haven't really looked at any. I figured I'd pick one out when I got there, whatever jumped out at me." She shrugged and tapped her fork against the plate.

"Because Asian characters are so original," Draco snorted. "As an expert on the places where people put tattoos they don't want anyone else to see, I would have to advise against the Kanji."

"I don't care if it's original or not, I like kanji. Your aversion to the idea only makes me want it more," Ginny grinned at him, swiping the last bit of cheesecake off the plate.

Draco stared down at the empty plate. "Bitch. Fine, ignore my sage advice."

"I think I will. Besides, whatever I decide to get will be great. If I can sit through the pain, of course." She grimaced and silently said a thank-you that Seamus was going with her, so she'd have someone to swear at.

"Good luck," Draco said. "I'm sure you'll need it, if your experience is anything like mine. Although honestly, I can't imagine it would be."

"No, I don't think it would be," Ginny agreed, looking a little sad. "It'll be interesting at least. Apparently the bloke who's going to do the tattoo is a vampire."

"A vampire? You're letting a vampire near you with something that draws blood?"

"I know, crazy right? But he's a... friend, I guess, of Seamus' so I'm not terribly worried." Her brow furrowed slightly, betraying the nonchalance of her words.

Draco smirked. "Oh, well if your boyfriend's friends with the vampire..."

"Okay, seriously. Would you knock it off with the boyfriend thing?" Ginny crossed her arms and glared across the table at Draco. It usually took a lot more to get her irritated, but this was a sensitive subject.

"Why? Does the truth hurt, Ginny dear?" Draco drawled, sitting back in his chair and taking a sip from his new coffee.

"No. You're just annoying me. And we haven't even talked about it yet, so I'd appreciate it if you'd drop the subject," she replied angrily. She contemplated getting up and leaving, but decided against it. That'd be a little too childish.

Draco raised an eyebrow. "Really? Have you had your wicked way with him yet?"

"That's none of your business," Ginny spit out.

Draco held up his hands in a gesture of surrender. "Temper, temper, Red - you wouldn't want to do anything you'd regret, would you? You must be smitten with Finnigan if you're this volatile about it."

"Anything I'd regret? You mean like punching you in the eye? Because I really don't think I'd regret that at the moment," Ginny threatened.

"At the moment, but when you saw my pretty face turned black and blue later you'd feel terrible, I'm sure," Draco said. "Unless I healed it, but I probably wouldn't."

"At this point, I think it'd be quite enjoyable to watch your face turn black and blue," she replied. Her tone of voice was much less hostile now, leaning more towards grumpy than anything else.

"Think of the consequences of your actions, Ginny; it's just not worth it," Draco said mock-solemnly.

"I guess not," Ginny agreed reluctantly, sighing a little. "And besides, punching people hurts."

Draco nodded. "The last time I punched someone I broke a nail; it wasn't worth it."

"You're such a girl," Ginny laughed. "I'll have to remember to tell Ron that. Maybe knowing I could take you would make him stop fussing over us being friends."

"I am very much male, thank you," Draco snapped.

"Of course you're male. You're just not... " she paused, and studied him for a second, searching for the right word and then shrugging. "Not very manly," she finished.

Draco gapped in shock. "Not very manly? I am too manly!"

"Alright, fine. Whatever you say," Ginny gave in, rolling her eyes. It wouldn’t do to get into yet another pointless tiff with him, especially not when she still had a million other things to do today. "And now that we've established your manliness, I should probably go. My flat desperately needs to be cleaned," she said with a slight grimace.

"That is what house-elves are for," Draco said, standing and drinking the last dredges of his coffee. "I'll see you at work, I suppose."

Ginny rolled her eyes at the mention of house elves and stood as well, walking around the table and hugging Draco quickly. "You'll definitely see me, I'll make it point to come and harass you at least twice! Have a good day," she said brightly, before kissing his cheek and then hurrying off in the direction of her flat.
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