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Snidget & Co.
Since 1951
10th-May-2006 10:20 pm(no subject)
Who: Seamus, Ginny and a quick glance of Charlie
When: At work during the day
Where: Seamus' cubicle
Rating: PG

Summary: In which there's making out, clueless Irishmen and annoying brothers.

Well, I don't know about a Muse, but I think if I posed on top of your desk, you'd find some inspiration pretty quicklyCollapse )
5th-May-2006 01:04 am(no subject)
tee hee
Who: Ron and Ginny
When: Day time, at work
Where: ...At work. Heh.
Rating: PG?

Summary: Ron and Ginny catch up about tattoos, kisses, broken hearts, and double dates. ...Bloody hell, that sounds girly. The Ron in my head might even sulk about how girly it sounds. Hehe.

I don't think I really thought about it enough to expect anything, really. Besides, Hermione's sort of... well, she sort of blows all expectations to bits anyway, so I figured I might as well just figure it out along the way instead of killing myself trying to figure it out before hand and then having it all be wrong anyway.Collapse )
3rd-May-2006 02:23 am(no subject)
Who: Ginny, Hermione & Tonks
Where: Ginny's flat
What: Girl's night in. Movies? Dinner? Gossip? It's up for grabs!
When: Evening sometime,
Rating: Probably around a PG? No clue, really.

It'd been forever since Hermione & Ginny had seen Tonks, and the reunion promised to be entertaining.Collapse )
2nd-May-2006 06:19 pm(no subject)
tee hee
Who: Ron and Mione.
When: The evening after Ron gets Lav's howler at work. (Sorry it took so long, it's all completely my fault.)
Where: On the walk back to Mione's flat.
Rating: PGish?

Summary: They talk. They kiss. They fight. Typical Ron/Hermione, but with romantics! It's the start of something beautiful.

You know I'm not good at the whole spilling-my-heart business. All I know is that I just about went bloody crazy when I thought you wouldn't be in my life anymore, and I figured that meant you were a sodding lot more important to me than I thought.Collapse )
27th-Apr-2006 11:14 pm(no subject)
TD - Pout
Who: Draco & Tracey
Where: A bar down Diagon Alley
What: A drink and a chat
When: Early evening
Rating: Probably PG-13 for language.

If you've stood me up then I'm going to castrate you. Without a wand.Collapse )
24th-Apr-2006 03:37 pm(no subject)
Who: Seamus & Ginny.
Where: Ginny's flat, Blood & Ink Tattoo's, some streets/a train.
When: Afternoon/early evening, on a weekend.
Warnings: Mildly descriptive snogging and a flirtacious vampire.

Summary: Seamus surprises Ginny with a trip to the tattoo parlour. She half-heartedly tries to make him forget all about it and blushes a lot. Features Jealous!Seamus, a version of him which we should all know and love. They also talk about their cats, but not really.

'Fangs likes to keep most of his victi... I mean customers Muggle. He says they're funnier to watch.'Collapse )
21st-Apr-2006 04:44 pm(no subject)
hey fuck off
Who: Ron, open to anyone who might be around
Where: At work, wherever in the building Lavender's owl finds him at
When: Morning
Rating: Likely 14A because Ron can't seem to NOT swear

What: Hoo boy. Ron's a bit of a mess just now. (I suppose sort of figuring out you're in love with one of your best mates when you think you've wrecked everything with them will sort of jumble you up.) Take a look for yourself. Heh.

19th-Apr-2006 02:35 pm(no subject)
hey fuck off
Who: Ron and Ginny
Where: Ron's flat
When: The other night
What: Ginny tries to help, but maybe just opens a can of worms. Ron's head is left hurting and he doesn't know what to do.
Rating: 14A for quite a bit of swearing

I'll just give her some space and time and then things'll go back to normal. I'll stop seeing Lav, if it'll help. She's one of my best friends, Gin. It's not like I can just... carry on like normal without her.Collapse )
16th-Apr-2006 06:46 pm - Lunch with a friend
Who: Neville, Tonks
Where: Some coffeehouse near the office

In which they eat and talk.

You're not the Neville I knowCollapse )
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