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Who: Ginny, Hermione & Tonks Where: Ginny's flat What: Girl's night… 
3rd-May-2006 02:23 am
Who: Ginny, Hermione & Tonks
Where: Ginny's flat
What: Girl's night in. Movies? Dinner? Gossip? It's up for grabs!
When: Evening sometime,
Rating: Probably around a PG? No clue, really.


Ginny chewed on her thumbnail and puttered aimlessly around the living area of her flat. It was finally clean (no thanks to a completely welcome visit by a certain Irish gentleman), and she was expecting Hermione and Tonks any minute. It'd been forever since Hermione and Ginny had seen Tonks, and the reunion promised to be entertaining. Plus, Ginny really couldn't wait to show off her newly acquired tattoo. She was had a good idea Hermione would feign disappointment, and that Tonks would heartily approve. Now if only the damn thing would stop itching.

Ginny reached back to pat lightly on the healing skin (she'd been warned severely against scratching by both the vampire who'd done the tattoo, and Seamus) and then settled onto the sofa, reaching for a magazine. She began flipping through the pages at random with one hand and set the other against the sofa cushion, wiggling her fingers and grinning when Belle pounced on them, gnawing gently on Ginny's fingertips. Hopefully Hermione and Tonks would arrive before Belle had time to completely devour her owner's hand.
5th-May-2006 12:38 am (UTC)
Hermione was indeed late, but it wasn't an article that had her occupied. Instead, she was finishing up a letter to Ronald which she sent off by owl as soon as she was done before realizing that she was well behind on the time and rushed down the street to Ginny's flat, pulling on her shoes as she went.

"Sorry, sorry,' she said, a bit pink in the face as she bounded through the door, nearly knocking Ginny over.
5th-May-2006 02:18 am (UTC)
Ginny jumped out the way as Hermione to came hurtling through the door. "Where's the fire, Mione?" She laughed. "Tonks only just got here, you're not late."
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