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Who: Seamus, Ginny and a quick glance of Charlie When: At work during… 
10th-May-2006 10:20 pm
Who: Seamus, Ginny and a quick glance of Charlie
When: At work during the day
Where: Seamus' cubicle
Rating: PG

Summary: In which there's making out, clueless Irishmen and annoying brothers.

Ginny paced back and forth in front of the lifts. She had stepped out to get some air and was almost regretting having to go back in. But this conversation had to happen sooner or later, and it would drive her mad until it did. She'd been thrown into gear by Ron's suggestion of a double-date with her and Seamus. Ron had meant well, she knew, but he'd unintentionally set her mind reeling. Now she had to find out just what exactly Seamus thought about their... relationship.

Ginny pummelled the 'up' button a few more times before giving up and taking the stairs. Once she'd thrown her bag onto her chair, she made her way towards Seamus' cubicle and rapped her knuckles against the side, choosing not to say one word.

Seamus was working frantically, trying to catch up with his work. Being desperately smitten wasn't helping with inspiration at all! He hadn't slept much last night, alternating between writing and thinking about Ginny, both without much results. I'm really hopeless... he sighed and leant back on his chair, looking at his unfinished article. He was concentrating on his work when the sound of someone rapping on his cubicle wall startled him. "If you're not a Muse delivering divine inspiration to a desperate journalist, you can piss off!" he declared, not bothering to look back.

"Well, I don't know about a Muse, but I think if I posed on top of your desk, you'd find some inspiration pretty quickly," Ginny replied. She leaned against the wall and crossed her arms, smiling the tiniest bit. "I can go, if you want me to.."

Seamus turned around on his chair so quickly that he almost toppled over. He felt himself heat up when he realized what she'd just said. "Hi! No, you can stay. The Muse can queue up!" he replied hastily. He turned deliberately away from his typewriter to face her fully. "How are you? Need anything, Freckles?"

"No... I just... well... Ron came to see me. Came to tell me something actually. He and Hermione, they're... you know. Together." Ginny blurted out, feeling a blush burn across her cheeks. This was not going well. She didn't want to come in and just spill everything out like a fool. She should have rehearsed, written down a speech or something. Ron and Hermione didn't even have anything to do with it!

Seamus smiled and rolled his eyes fondly. "It's about time!" He got up and held a hand out to Ginny, urging her to come in. Her expression was puzzling him, so he rolled the chair in her direction to have her sit down. "You all right? It's not that much of a shock is it?" he asked.

Ginny waved off the offer of a chair, she was too jittery to sit down. She forced herself to chill out a bit and wiggled her fingers against her sides, willing her nervousness to leave. It was stupid, being this nervous. "No, it's not a shock at all. Seeing as I'm the one who knocked their heads together. It got me wondering though," she left her sentence open on purpose, hoping he'd catch on.

Seamus pushed the chair away and rubbed her shoulder in a comforting way. He considered taking her into his arms, but she looked so nervous that he wasn't sure the gesture would be welcome. "What? Want to quit being a journalist and open a matrimonial agency?" he joked, trying to get her to relax.

"Um... no. Not... no." Ginny wanted to kick herself. And that joke just did not help. She wasn't supposed to get stupid over men. That wasn't her. If he'd just quit being so damn nice, she'd be fine! "I just..." she sighed, knowing she'd sound stupid no matter how she said it. "What are we, Seamus?"

This cubicle needs a window. Now! I want to top myself! Just how ridiculous could he get? People said he was dumb, but he'd never been that dumb before... She'd been looking for a serious conversation and what had he done? Joked around like a dork. He scratched the back of his neck and actually looked around for a window. Be a man, Finnigan, and answer the lady! Easier said than done, though! "Well, erm… Right now, we're just friends who snog and flirt on occasion," he replied, then hastily kept going before she got the wrong idea. "But as soon as I've worked up the nerve to ask you out properly, we'll be… together? Deliriously happy? Making everyone else jealous?" He trailed off and smacked himself in the forehead.

Ginny laughed. She couldn't help it. He looked absolutely mortified, and it made her feel better. Not as stupid, and definitely not nervous. "We're making this far more difficult than it has to be," she nudged his foot with hers and waited until he made eye contact. "Just be my bloody boyfriend and we'll work on the deliriously happy thing, okay?"

Seamus grinned a bit hesitantly as she laughed. When he got the nerve to look at her, her words turned his grin into a full blown smile. "You forgot the make everyone else jealous part, Freckles. I'm not signing without this," he quipped.

"Alright, we'll work on making everyone jealous too. But I have a feeling we'll induce more nausea than jealousy," she pointed out. "Now, aren't you supposed to kiss me or something like that? I seem to recall that's proper protocol."

Seamus nodded and bowed down. "You're right. Let's follow the protocol. I shall kiss you now, Freckles-mine." He felt ridiculously giddy when he called her his, and hoped she wouldn't deck him. He wrapped an arm around her waist and kissed her, not caring that they were still at work. I can kiss my girlfriend at work, if I want to, for Merlin's sake!

Ginny rolled her eyes at the nickname, but smiled into his kiss, letting herself be pulled forward a bit. She rested one hand on his chest, drumming lightly with her fingertips, and let the other hand reach up and tangle in his short hair. She tried to remember they were at work, but it was almost impossible. Hopefully, no one would walk by and spot them.

Seamus made a note to follow protocol more often, if the result was this pleasant. He trailed his fingers down her back and ended up putting both hands on the small of her back, pulling her against him, all the while still kissing her. He had to pull back to breathe and smiled against her lips. "You should have kicked me in the arse, maybe that would have made me stop being such an idiot."

"I thought that's what I just did?" Ginny replied. She moved back the tiniest bit, so that they were still touching, but also so that the temptation of snogging each other to death was lessened. It would probably be a bad thing to get caught in a compromising position at work. Especially in Seamus' cubicle. Maybe if there was a supplies closet somewhere... but she didn't know of any in the vicinity.

"I actually meant literally, but this works, too," Seamus admitted with a grin. He rubbed his nose against hers and kissed her cheek, before moving to her neck. "You do remember you're the sensible one, right? " he said in between kisses, "If you don't tell me to stop, don't expect me to do it by myself." He kept kissing her neck, breathing in her sweet scent. She was addicting and that was dangerous...

Ginny tilted her head back when he moved to her neck. "I'm really not all that sensible," she said as she pulled him closer. He hit a particularly sensitive spot on her neck and she made a low humming noise. "Especially not when you do things like that."

Seamus chuckled. "We're doomed, then," he said and kissed her again. Now, with his bad karma, something was bound to happen, or more precisely, someone was bound to walk in on them, but he didn't care at all. He held her very close, suddenly not wanting her to be responsible and to pull away.

By the time he kissed her, Ginny had completely forgotten they were still at work. For all she knew, the desk she was being pushed against wasn't a desk at all. Just as she made to wrap her arms around his neck, she heard someone clear their throat. If her mouth hadn't been otherwise occupied, she'd have cursed out loud at the horrible timing.

Charlie had not planned to walk in on his sister snogging her Seamus. Really. It was just fate, or bad timing, or maybe he'd just seen her from afar when she'd taken the lifts and he'd gotten curious. But no bad intentions at all. So, when he innocently peeked in the cubicle, he quickly realized they were going to get carried away and figured that, as a loving big brother, he had to do something or else, he was going to get unplanned nephews or nieces. He cleared his throat slightly, opting for a tactful approach.

Seamus heard the sound and panicked for a second, before frustration won and he decided he was going to give the intruder a piece of his mind. He pulled away and turned around, ready to insult anyone who dared interrupt them, but his words died in his throat when he recognized the man. Red hair? Freckles? I'm dead!
"I asked her out, first!" he exclaimed, cringing at the lie, and he turned at Ginny "Didn't I, Freckles?"

Ginny didn't answer Seamus and turned towards Charlie instead. "Can I help you? I'm a little busy here." She sent a glare toward her brother, daring him to interfere. None of her siblings seemed to understand that she could take care of herself, she didn't need constant looking-after.

Charlie burst out laughing, both at Seamus' terrified face and Ginny's glare. Those two would be a great pair, that was for sure. "Can I suggest you two take it somewhere less public before you end up fired?" he asked, blowing his sister a kiss.

"Can I suggest you bugger off?" Ginny's glare didn't falter, but she was secretly almost glad Charlie'd interrupted them. They had been getting a bit carried away. "And don't you dare tell mum. Or Ron."

Charlie rolled his eyes. "As if I would. Honestly, Ginny, you know me better than that," he said, looking affronted. He considered nagging her a bit more, but decided to leave before Seamus ended up fainting. The poor boy looked too pale for his own good. "Remember, CPR doesn't require tongue, Gin!" he called out over his shoulder as he made to leave.

"I hate you!" Ginny said loudly to Charlie's retreating form. She turned back to Seamus and couldn't help laughing at his still terrified expression. "Breathe, Seamus. No one's going to kill you."

Seamus gulped, not really comforted by the almost evil laughter he heard when Charlie finally left. He tried to calm down and gave Ginny an almost watery look. "You have too many brothers, Freckles. And evil, all of them!" he gasped. "Are you sure he's not waiting to finish me off when you're gone?"

"Charlie's probably the least threatening one of the bunch," Ginny shrugged. Her brothers were protective, sure... but their bark was usually worse than their bite. "Don't worry about it. I'll murder them, if they try anything funny."

Seamus felt behind him for the chair and dropped onto it with a sigh. "He almost scared me to death!" He looked up at her and held out his hands for her to take. "You'd protect me? Shouldn't that be the other way round? I mean, I don't mind you protecting me if you don't..." He trailed off and gave a long suffering sigh. He was such a sissy, sometimes!

Ginny ignored his outstretched hands, plopping herself on his lap instead, and sending the chair spinning into lazy circles. "My brothers are nosy sods, and they almost never follow through on their threats. You'll get used to it," she said non-chalantly. "Speaking of my brothers though, Ron wanted me to run an idea by you."

Seamus wrapped his arms around her to support her and try not to fall himself. "How glad I am to be an only child," he grinned. "What is it Ron wanted? As long as it doesn't involve a meeting with the rest of your brothers, I'm pretty much game!"

"No, he wants to go on a sort of double date," Ginny said, and grimaced a bit at the term. One of the last things she wanted to do was go on a DATE, and have her brother be there. "You know... you and me, him and Hermione... you don't have to agree, if you don't want to."

Seamus shook his head. "No, it's fine. I mean, I haven't see them in a while, so it might be fun," he replied. He just hoped Ron wouldn't go all big-brotherly on him. "As long as you want to go, of course! If you don't, we'll just have to go to the movies, and I'll let you choose, this time!" he added, winking playfully at her and kissing her nose.

Ginny didn't really want to go, but she'd already sort of agreed to it. And it was Ron, she'd do almost anything for him. "No, we'll go. I'll tell Ron. Judging from his current state, he'll be positively bouncing with joy." Ginny laughed a tiny bit at the mental image.

"Bouncing?" Seamus repeated, making a face. The idea of a bouncing Ron wasn't exactly good for his mental health. Still, he grinned up at her and nudged her. "Maybe they're hoping we'll act as chaperones for them," he joked.

"Right, like that would happen," Ginny practically snorted. "They'll probably have to chaperone us."

"True enough," Seamus conceded. "I think your brother's interruption proved that." He shot her a quick glance, trying to see if she minded that he wasn't reasonable at all.

"Unfortunately, it was probably a good thing he interrupted..." Ginny trailed off, blushing a little. She really didn't want to get fired, and she was pretty sure that shagging your boyfriend at work was a good way to lose your job.

"Glad we agree on this," Seamus smiled. He reached up and caressed her blushing cheeks, looking at her freckles with fascination. He blinked and put his hand down, coming back to earth. "So this erm... double date with Ron and Hermione, is it soon?"

"Um, I dunno when. I'll ask Ron whenever I talk to him next. I think he still has to run it by Hermione." Ginny shrugged and shifted a bit in Seamus' lap. She knew she should really get back to work, but she was quite comfortable, sitting here. Hopefully she wasn't squishing him too badly.

Seamus nodded. He was free whenever, anyway, so it didn't really matter. He started rolling back and forth slowly on the chair, just looking at her. As much as he appreciated the kissing, this was nice too. I'm such a girl... "Are Ron and Charlie the only ones who know we're together?" he asked after a while.

"Well, technically yes." Ginny didn't think mentioning him to Hermione counted, but she wasn't sure. She laid an arm across his shoulders, swinging her feet a little. "I mean, I might've said something to Hermione, but not that we were dating or anything..."

"And what did you say?" Seamus asked. He wasn't angry or anything, just genuinely curious. What else could she have said, really?

"That you pick out horrible movies and I had no idea why I even liked you," Ginny answered cheekily. She wasn't about to tell him that she'd gotten positively giggly over him. Nope, wasn't happening.

Seamus opened his mouth and closed it, gaping like a fish. He deserved the comment on the movies, but... He sniffed and bit back a grin. "Same here. I have no idea why you like me, since I have such a horrible taste in movies, really," he shot back, sticking his tongue at her.

Ginny grinned at him and kissed his cheek. "I'm sure I could a find a couple good things about you."

Seamus hugged her close. "Don't tell me, you're going to make me vain," he told her. "I'd end up looking like Malfoy and you wouldn't like me anymore!"

"Okay, I won't tell you, I promise." Ginny laughed. "I should really go back to my desk though. I have to try and get something done today," she said before standing and backing away a little.

Seamus sighed and reluctantly let her go. "Oh, all right, if you must," he pouted. "I suppose I should go back to trying to find inspiration for my article." He looked over his shoulder and glared at his typewriter. I'll get you later... Turning back, he stood up and wisely kept his hands away from Ginny. "Just let me know once you know more about this double date thing, yeah?"

"I will," she promised. Against her better judgement, Ginny pulled him into a hug, and kissed him quickly. "If you're not busy tonight, you should come over. And bring Dean. I'll cook, and the cats can destroy my flat together."

Seamus kissed her back but held himself back. Strangely enough, the idea of Charlie coming back to kick his arse if he got his sister fired helped. A lot. He nodded enthusiastically when she invited him over. "I'm never busy," he said. "And I'm sure Dean will love to be bossed around by Belle. And if he doesn't, too bad! What time to you want me over?"

"Seven would be good," Ginny answered. She kissed him one more time and stepped away quickly, before he had a chance to turn it into something more. "I'll see you," she said with a smile, and disappeared around the corner of his cubicle.

Seamus considered melting into a happy puddle of goo on the floor, but that wouldn't get his article written in time, especially if he wanted to be at Ginny's at seven. He shook his head and bravely went back to his typewriter, and guess what? Inspiration came.
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